The Boy Who Saved a Bear (paperback)

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The Boy Who Saved A Bear

Author: Nizrana Farook

Summary: A boy and a bear meet, become friends and have the adventure of their lives! From the author of The Girl Who Stole an Elephant comes another brilliant escapade. The 4th thrilling adventure set in a fictional Sri Lanka is jam-packed with peril, thieves and a Nuwan works at the library, delivering books. One day, he accidentally takes away a very valuable key that’s been hidden inside one of the books, and in the process thwarts the plans of some very dangerous thieves. On the run, he hides in a cave, only to discover in the middle of the night that he is sharing it with a big, hairy, terrifying bear! After some hair-raising moments, he and the bear reach an understanding and they travel on together, evading the bad guys and hoping the key will unlock the answers to the mystery so that they can stop running and return home…

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