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VIP Reading Terms and Conditions

Company Name: VIP Reading Ltd
Co. Registered Number: 11659071

Registered in England & Wales 

The following are the terms and conditions (the “Terms”) for the use of the VIP Reading web site (the “Site”), VIP Reading Services, and related material.

1. General

With each visit to the Site you signify your agreement to these Terms. These Terms were last modified on 3rd February 2021.

VIP Reading Material is defined as any intellectual property, legal materials, documents, web pages, software, products, web links, email, information, or any other materials provided by or previously provided by VIP Reading.

We reserve the right to amend these Terms from time to time.

2. Use of the website

If you do not wish to be bound by these Terms, you are not granted authority to use or access the Site or VIP Reading Material.

To the maximum extent allowable under applicable law, except as explicitly identified in these terms, you agree not to publish, re-publish, lend, licence, give away, look at the software source code, modify the software source code, post to an Internet web site, or use in an automated system any VIP Reading  Material nor will you utilise VIP Reading Material in any way for the creation of an automated system or website, nor will you allow or assist a third party to do so. You agree to only use VIP Reading Material and the Site as a customer.

Licences granted are subject to these Terms, and are non-exclusive, non-transferable, and revocable. VIP Reading retains the right to prohibit organisations, groups, or individuals, or yourself from using its websites or VIP Reading  Material or VIP Reading  Services at its discretion.

3. Intellectual Property and Copyright

All copyright and other intellectual property rights (registered and unregistered) of VIP Reading Material belong to VIP Reading. Nothing in the Terms grants you a right or licence to use any intellectual property rights owned or controlled by VIP Reading except as expressly provided in these Terms.

In addition, VIP Reading  Material, contains information and intellectual property that is selected and organised by VIP Reading  and represents significant work made by VIP Reading. Nothing in the Terms should be construed as granting any licence or right to use any VIP Reading Material or intellectual property displayed or used in any VIP Reading Material except as expressly provided in the Terms.

You agree to the following:

  1. the VIP Reading Material is the property of VIP Reading;
  2. you will not use the VIP Reading Material for any purpose other than is expressly permitted in these Terms;
  3. you will not distribute in any medium any VIP Reading Material without VIP Reading prior written authorisation or as expressly provided these Terms.
  4. any distribution or past distribution of any VIP Reading Material that violates these Terms could be subject to damages. 
  5. you will not replicate or modify the designs of VIP Reading Materials.
  6. VIP Reading Material remain the property of VIP Reading Ltd who identify themselves as the author of the work under the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988.

4. Purchases and Refunds

Subscription and shop purchases can be made by card (via PayPal business), invoice, standing order or bank transfer.

Annual Subscription purchases allow a school to access the resources. Due to VIP Reading Materials being downloadable content, no refunds can be given on subscriptions unless VIP Reading has failed to provide access to its services.   

On purchases of goods, standard consumer rights apply. 

Customers will be reminded of when a renewal is needed, based upon the date of the initial subscription. Automatic renewal payments are used on the VIP Reading website, due to the use of subscriptions. Please notify us in writing if you do not wish to renew your subscription.

Bi-monthly VIP Book Box subscriptions may be cancelled at anytime. 30 days notice must be given in writing to hello@vipreading.co.uk. Please note: a subscription must be active at the time of a dispatch date in order to receive the VIP Book Box.

12-month subscriptions may be cancelled anytime after the initial 12 month period.

5. Special offers

From time to time, offers will be available to our customers. Our current offers, and their respective Terms and Conditions, include:

Welcome offer: £5 off a £15 minimum spend. Limited to 1 per customer. New customers only. Where a code is used multiple times, we reserve the right to cancel the order.

2024 New Year Offer: £5 off a £30 minimum spend. Limited to 1 per customer. Ends 1.2.24. Where a code is used multiple times, we reserve the right to cancel the order.

When an error is made by a member of the VIP Reading staff or through the website, we reserve the right to modify or cancel the order. We will always communicate this information to our customers.

6. Personal Information

At VIP Reading Ltd, personal information is treated with due diligence and care. Rob McCann, The Data Protection Officer, ensures that VIP Reading meets the GDPR expectations. Further details can be found here: 
All reasonable care is taken by us to ensure all information provided by you in connection with an order is secure. In the event that you may suffer loss through a third parties unauthorised access to any data provided, we cannot be held liable for that loss unless this is solely due to our negligence.

7. Disclaimer

Every effort is made to ensure information displayed on VIP Reading Material, both printed and digital, is accurate. Where inaccurate information is identified, VIP Reading will act swiftly to rectify the situation. Please contact hello@vipreading.co.uk.

Except as expressly provided in these Terms or where prohibited by law, we are not responsible for any loss, injury, claim, liability, damage, or consequential damage related to your use of VIP Reading Material and VIP Reading Services, or for inaccessibility of VIP Reading Material and VIP Reading  Services whether from errors or omissions in the content of VIP Reading  Material and VIP Reading  Services or any other linked sites or for any other reason. Use of VIP Reading Material and VIP Reading Services is at your own risk.

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