Reading is so much more than just words on a page, we believe it helps children to escape to another world. So much so, we made it our slogan!

Our aim is to provide teachers and families with expert advice, carefully selected books and beautiful book boxes to help inspire a lifelong love of reading. We firmly believe that there’s no such thing as a child who doesn’t enjoy reading, just a child who hasn’t found the right book yet.

Helping Schools

Being a team of educators experienced in the teaching of reading, we love supporting our fellow teachers with book recommendations, book box subscriptions and unbeatable discounts on school book orders. We understand the challenges facing schools and we are always keen to support in any way we can.

Helping Families

We believe a love of reading starts at home and having children ourselves, we know the importance of helping children discover the right books. Our shop is packed full of quality books as well as book box subscriptions that offer something for all ages.

Helping Publishers

Having worked closely with publishers since VIP Reading was founded in 2019, we take great pride in the range of book launch campaigns we have supported. We offer a range of support to publishers which includes: educational resource design, advertisements across our social media channels, hosting of competitions, and website and blog features.

Our Book Boxes

Our one-of-a-kind book boxes are delivered every other month, lovingly designed by a team of educators based on a thought-provoking theme. Whether this is a box to be used at home or school, rest assured that your child will be reading hand-picked and high-quality new releases. Some of our previous themes have included: Refugee Week, Food Poverty, Spooktacular, Friendship and Memories.

Blown away by the book boxes!

I was blown away by the quality, content, time and care taken with the VIP book boxes. The books are so well chosen, the activities are suitably matched and the addition of a pencil, a badge and sweets makes for an extra treat! So impressed I’ve ordered book boxes for every class in school! Well done VIP Reading!

Lee ChristopherHeadteacher


Brilliant, bespoke book boxes! I have a subscription & receive a box every 2 months. It is such great value & more unique than other ones on the market. Each book received is always current, inclusive & diverse. You also receive an art print, activity sheet, bookmarks, badges & other book related surprises & goodies each time! Would highly recommend.

Andy LoganTeacher

VIP Reading book boxes bursting with brilliance

The book boxes from VIP Reading are always full to bursting with goodies. It is incredible what can be crammed into one package. And, because it’s VIP Reading, you can be sure that the book has been carefully selected as a top quality story. The signed author/illustrator pictures are also a nice touch. The team at VIP Reading are super helpful and offer a great personalised service. Can’t wait to use again.

Phil TiteTeacher

I am in absolute love with this service…

I am in absolute love with this service !!! I have received three books so far and I cannot recommend it enough . You will not be disappointed.


It was a delight to receive such a…

It was a delight to receive such a lovely package through the post. The personal touches alongside a book were well thought out and I look forward to sharing it all with my class. Would certainly buy again in the future. Great communication from the company throughout, would highly recommend them.

M DaviesTeacher

Such excitement when the box arrives

Such excitement when the box arrives. We always shake it and have a good guess before we even open it! Whole class love it…and it’s a brilliant ‘bribe’ to get work finished so we can open the box! Can’t recommend it highly enough.

Sara LednorHeadteacher

I am a subscriber to the VIP book…

I am a subscriber to the VIP book boxes. I can honestly say they are a great value for what you get inside, they are packed with goodies. I have opted for the youngest age group, as I wanted to widen my range of picture books. I will actually be using them mostly with ks2. They are so versatile and always with a quality text. I have seen the other age group boxes and they are fabulous too. I am tempted to subscribe to those too!


Outstanding book boxes and service to celebrate reading!

I love my VIP Reading boxes! The books are selected with expertise from a range of newly-published titles and they are sensitively matched to be age-appropriate. The boxes are packed with extra goodies, such as badges, stickers, sweets, author’s postcards and letters and stationery! Fun and stimulating activities related to the books are included too, guaranteeing further engagement with the texts. The range on offer is even wider on the website, which is a pleasure to navigate for a happy, irresistible reading experience!

Mrs ValentiniTeacher

Fantastic product

The July VIP Book Box we received was fantastic! So thoughtfully put together, with great resources included for an exceptional book choice. The attention to detail was brilliant with little gifts added in that kids love and the book was beautifully wrapped. Ordering and delivery process was excellent no problems and very prompt delivery.


An excellent box of goodies!

An excellent box of goodies from an excellent company. Communication is spot on. Delivery is fantastic. Value is outstanding. The resources are excellent. Great for kids at home or for the classroom.

Ben MorganTeacher

What an amazing company

What an amazing company, loaded with goodies these reading boxes are just superb. I’ve now got four boxes and each one has been beyond my expectations.

Clair CoupeAvid Reader

Box of utter joy

The VIP box is truly a Mary Poppins bag. I kept discovering new items and each item is delightful. Amazingly the book is signed – (I just adore a signed book) and each item has been carefully thought about. Finally it is packaged with such care that it feels like a special gift.

Kirsten BarrettTeacher