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At VIP Reading, we offer unique subscriptions to provide parents and educators with high-quality educational resources and carefully selected books. Designed by a team of educators, the books and resources are sure to inspire a love of reading in children.


Welcome from our Patron
Onjali Rauf

It's so important for every growing bean to truly and deeply enjoy reading. By fusing art and words together, VIP Reading provides the tools to help teachers create a unique reading experience which will make every bean think beyond the page. It's an absolutely essential service, delivered with great heart, and one I am so lucky as to have seen children responding to beautifully.


VIP Club gives exclusive access to quizzes for all readers

Quirky quizzes to check pupil understanding
Vast selection of brilliant books
Encourages reading for pleasure
Celebrates reading achievement with VIP Journals
Supports improvement in reading attainment
Can transform attitudes towards reading

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VIP Resources

VIP Reading is split into three tiers and has something for everyone.

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Book Boxes

Quality newly released titles delivered bi-monthly in a NEW subscription box. Coming soon!

Author & Illustrator Resources

The perfect way to discover the wonderful work of authors and illustrators!

VIP Quiz Programme

Over 500 quizzes to encourage independent reading and promote reading for pleasure. An excellent tool to ensure pupil understanding!

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A great range of sample resources can be found here, including: book quizzes, loyalty cards and book review templates.

Free Resources

Book Bands

We organise our books by age and assign our very own banding system to them. Click a band to discover book titles recommended for different ages.

Why VIP Reading?

What our teachers say

"VIP reading is a great mix of carefully chosen, high quality modern and classic texts which instil a real love for reading. It allows children to become lost in a book and experience the true meaning of reading for pleasure. As well as this, VIP Reading encourages talk and discussion around books and authors, raising the profile of reading without it being forced."

Hannah Ashton, Assistant Headteacher, Sheffield

What our SENCOs say

"As a SENCo in a Primary School, I highly recommend VIP Reading. It is such an inclusive system with a huge number of accessible books, fab illustrations that the children love and an assessment system that my children are excited to respond to. Previously non-keen readers are now enthusiastic to dive into their next book! Just when I thought that VIP couldn’t be anymore inclusive for SEN children, they’ve added multiple choice questions to the relevant quizzes which means that children can achieve great scores and consequently get a huge self-esteem boost!"

Emma Lintin, SENCO, Lincoln

What our teaching assistants say

"As a 1:1 teaching assistant, I supported a child with a full-time EHC with a severe hearing impairment, who really struggled with reading comprehension. During our VIP Reading experience, he excelled in this area using the VIP quizzes and even began answering questions independently."

Sharron Briggs, 1:1 Teaching Assistant, Lincoln

What our pupils say

"VIP has helped me so much with my vocabulary in my writing. This has made me want to read a lot more. I always look forward to choosing another new book because there's so many to choose from. The books are very exciting and interesting. We are very lucky to have this in our school."

Louis, Lincoln

What our pupils say

"VIP Reading has helped me and inspired me to read more often. I like getting stars for reading different levels of books. I think the variety of books and quizzes makes reading easier. It's really fun getting to meet and talk to authors. Reading is the spice of life!"

Natalie, Lincoln

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