Boy 87 (paperback)

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Boy 87 (book by Ele Fountain)

Boy 87 is a compelling, emotive and profound read and the perfect text to illuminate and expose the realities of life as a refugee. Written in the first person, Boy 87 is set in an unnamed country and in it we join Shif and his best friend Bini – just two ordinary boys – who have dreams, hopes and ambition. Suddenly their world implodes when they attract the unwanted and terrifying attention of the military “giffa”. The boys are wrenched from their loving families and taken to a remote desert prison, where hope is the thread that makes life bearable for the inmates. A plan is hatched – the boys must escape at all costs to ensure that the stories of these captured and wronged men are told. This is tale of peril, of hope, of the power of kindness and the strength of the human spirit and is a testament to the pen ship of Ele Fountain. Tremendous storytelling and a must 5 star read.

Reviewed by VIP Team: Valda Varadinek