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🌟 What Are You Feeling? 🌟

What Are You Feeling? is a beautiful book created by The School of Life and tackles a range of big feelings which can be difficult for children to explain. Although aimed at developing emotional literacy for children aged 5-8 years, this book is perfect for sharing with any child who might struggle to find the right words. Not only does this book help children to recognise and understand their emotions, it helps children to find different ways to describe them, gives them examples of what these emotions might look like in everyday life and most importantly it reassures children that all of these important feelings are OK. 

A truly beautiful book, with funny and colourful illustrations from Daniel Gray-Barnett, written in an accessible way for children to understand. What Are You Feeling? creates a wonderful opportunity for adults to share this book with children in order to create a dialogue about feelings and emotions. 

Check out the activity pack that we have designed for The School of Life to support this incredibly important book.

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