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To celebrate the release of a further four more books in the Ultimate Dinosaurs series, we are sharing a review of this fab series. You can also download resources and a spot the difference by clicking on the links below!

🦕 Book Review 🦕

The eagerly awaited new additions to the Ultimate Dinosaurs series, by Professor Ben Garrod, are finally here and they will not disappoint!

Find out how a Microraptor could fly, what the plates on a Stegosaurus were for, whether Triceratops was bigger or smaller than an elephant and what Velociraptor really did with that retractable claw, in this spectacular collection of books. Exploding with even more facts, expert insights, amazing quizzes and stunning artwork by Scott Hartman, Gabriel Ugueto and Ethan Kocak, no dinosaur fan can be without these next instalments! 

Check out the resources we have created, to celebrate these fantastic new books!

Resources created by
Krystal McCann