Sarah McIntyre

Illustrator and writer Sarah McIntyre is easy to spot in her pointy glasses and hats. Sometimes she writes and draws picture books and comics herself, sometimes she illustrates books for other people, including Giles Andreae, Alan MacDonald, Gillian Rogerson, Anne Cottringer and Claire Freedman. When she makes books with Philip Reeve, they both brainstorm the story ideas together, then Philip writes them and Sarah illustrates them. But occasionally they swap roles for a bit. And they love dressing up

Sarah is currently Patron of Reading & Illustration for teacher Claire Williams and her school, St Andrew’s CofE Primary School in Halstead, Essex. (Find out more here about the Patron of Reading scheme, with its new emphasis on illustrators as Patrons of Illustration.)

Sarah was recently blogging as BookTrust Writer-Illustrator in Residence, and you can read her articles here.


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