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Why use VIP Crowdfunding for schools?

Our crowdfund helps a school community’s money go much further - ideal for the many schools facing a tight budget. We feel it's an innovative way to get more books into your school at a great discount.

What about wish lists?

Sure, setting up a wish list can be great - but money is sometimes wasted on books being purchased at full RRP as well as postage and packaging costs.

You School's Crowdfund page

Each school gets their own page on the VIP Reading website, which can be shared with the school community. It’s very easy for anyone to contribute - you could even share the page with local businesses.

Spend it Your way

Pick the books you love or let us make some great recommendations, it's your choice! You can even spend some of the money raised on a VIP Book Box subscription – great way to promote Reading for Pleasure!

Interested in setting up a VIP Crowdfund for you school?

Just drop us a DM or email to [email protected] Please be aware, spaces are limited to 5 schools at a time.

Current VIP Crowdfunding Campaigns