Shirley Marr

Shirley Marr is a first generation Chinese-Australian living in sunny Perth and an author of Young Adult and children’s fiction. Her titles are A Glasshouse of StarsLittle Jiang, Preloved and Fury. 

It was while she was working on a very dry Accounting PhD that she realised she’d rather be writing down her dark, twisted daydreams instead. She is still a Bespectacled Accountant by day and a Masked Writer at night.

Shirley describes herself as having a Western Mind and an Eastern Heart and writes in the middle where both collide. She takes milk and sugar with her tea much to the dismay of her oolong drinking friends and eats chicken feet much to the disgust of her Aussie friends.

Her passion is to distil her cultural heritage in dark and unusual ways through the lens of resilient young women and her soft spot is interpreting the concept of a “Suburban Princess”.

She is the only person she knows who has ever been kicked out of a bookstore for disruptive behaviour.

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