Sharon Marie Jones

Sharon Marie Jones* lives just outside Aberystwyth, mid-Wales. She is married and is Mam to three sons. She grew up in mountainous North Wales and listened in wide-eyed wonderment to local folk tales about giants and fairies. She even had her very own fairy door on the crab apple tree at the bottom of their garden. When she scrunched her eyes closed and tapped on the door three times, she was transported to the kingdom of the Crabble Fairies. As a child she was never far away from a book. There were books piled precariously on a bookcase in her bedroom, a cupboard at the bottom of the stairs that spilt out books when the door was opened and a visit to the library was a never-missed weekly event.

She graduated from Aberystwyth University with a First Class Honours in English and Education. She also learnt a most useful life skill … juggling. She worked as a Primary School teacher for thirteen years, before becoming a full-time author. She loves to write, read and run, and has been thinking about doing some gardening for a few years now.

‘Grace-Ella: Spells for Beginners’ was her first children’s book, published by Firefly Press (2016).

‘Grace-Ella: Witch Camp’, the second in the series, published September, 2019.

*Official VIP featured author

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