Chris Vick

Chris Vick* lives near Bath, with his wife and daughter. His new book, Girl. Boy. Sea. was published by Zephyr, August 2019 and tells the story of a girl and a boy shipwrecked in a storm off the coast of Morocco.

‘The sea seeped, poured, then stormed into my writing. The ocean is my subject- its wonders, its creatures, the people who love it, live on or near it, its fragile state; how we must save it to save ourselves. These are the things that drive my writing.’

These themes are reflected in his previous books, Kook and Storms, published by Harper Collins, both of which received critical acclaim.

Chris is a keen surfer and conservationist. When not writing, he works part time for the global NGO, Whale and Dolphin Conservation and does school visits and writing workshops.

*Official VIP featured author

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