Chris Callaghan

Chris* hasn’t always been an author but has always written stories. Real life has often got in his way. Even when he was an aircraft engineer in the Royal Air Force, he was still scribbling stories. He once had a back-seat trip in a jet fighter, which was very cool (but don’t tell anyone that he was sick into a paper bag during it, which isn’t very cool!). Then he would visit lots of factories as an Environmental Scientist (although he hardly ever wore a white laboratory coat, which was a shame) to help them to reduce pollution. This meant sitting on lots of factory roofs, often in the rain (and often writing stories)! But it was during his days as a Stay at Home Dad that stories became part of his job. He would write them for his school teacher wife for her to use with her class and for his daughter to make her giggle at bedtime. He now has far too much fun visiting schools and libraries, talking about his book (The Great Chocoplot) and scaring people about the end of chocolate. It’s surprising that people keep inviting him!

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