Anahita Teymorian

Anahita Teymorian* is an author and illustrator from Iran. She has a studio in Tehran and teaches children there. As well as writing and illustrating, Anahita works with animation. She has won awards at the Bologna Children’s Book Fair and the Noma Concours. Books for Tiny Owl include There’s Room for Everyone (2018,), The Clever Mouse (2015) and A Bird Like Himself (2015). Her picture books have also been translated and published in Germany, Austria, Japan, China, Switzerland, Hong Kong, and other countries including Arab states.

Anahita’s books appeal to children and are accompanied by marvellous and unique illustrations. Her illustrated books simultaneously include signs of the culture she lives in and a global, inclusive language that children from different countries can relate to. Anahita used to illustrate books for deaf children which has had an impact on her work. Through this, she learnt the pivotal role illustrations have to play in transferring a book’s meaning.

The subject of her most recent book There’s Room for Everyone addresses current issues. Anahita wants her voice to be ‘carried to the next generation overseas by a small paper boat […] There’s room for galaxies, but we feel that there’s not room enough for us.’ What influences her stories the most are the feelings she wants to share with others. In writing The Clever Mouse, she wanted her story to say that beauty is not just in a person’s appearance. Instead it is your inner beauty that helps you achieve your dreams. Anahita has vivid memories of when she used to daydream as a child. That’s when she first used to come up with stories, and tell them to her dolls! Her daughter has started to read books independently and now recognises her mother as an author. Between Anahita’s books, her daughter’s favourites are A Bird Like Himself and The Moon and the Fox.

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