Alan Dapré

Alan Dapré is the author of sixty books for children. His stories and plays have been on BBC Radio and published for use in schools. A former TV scriptwriter, whose work was BAFTA nominated, Alan now writes zany stories for young readers. His new series stars Porridge the (world’s only) Tartan Cat, who lives by Loch Ness with the lovable McFun family! Everyone has a suPURR silly secret and Porridge is always there to lend a helping paw – or four – when things go awry.

Reviewers have picked up on the quirky wordplay and lively humour in much of Alan’s work. His Porridge the Tartan Cat books playfully explore positive themes, such as doing your best, thinking big, and being happy and resilient in a busy world. Alan’s words are brought to life by the lively line illustrations of Yuliya Somina.

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