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Abi Elphinstone

Abi Elphinstone grew up in Scotland where she spent most of her childhood building dens, hiding in tree houses, and running wild across highland glens. After being coaxed out of her treehouse, she studied English at Bristol University and then worked as a teacher in Africa, Berkshire, and London. She is the author of the […]

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Andy Cope, Gavin Oattes & Will Hussey

From the multi-layered cupcake consisting of Andy Cope (Doctor of Happiness), Gavin Oattes (stand-up comedian), Will Hussey (an actual real teacher) and Amy Bradley (best illustrator evs) – this is your recipe book for having your cake and scoffing it. Diary of a Brilliant Kid works up your appetite to enjoy and savour every last […]

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Bethany Walker

Bethany Walker grew up in North Lincolnshire. After studying History at university, she worked as a teacher and then as a museum educator in various weird and wonderful institutions. She lives in London with her husband and two young children. Chocolate Milk, X-Ray Specs and Me is Bethany’s debut book.

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Chris Callaghan

Chris* hasn’t always been an author but has always written stories. Real life has often got in his way. Even when he was an aircraft engineer in the Royal Air Force, he was still scribbling stories. He once had a back-seat trip in a jet fighter, which was very cool (but don’t tell anyone that […]

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Chris Priestley

Chris Priestley has always spooky stories and this helped to inspire him as a writer. Chris is particularly popular for his adult horror genre, however his children’s books have won acclaim, such as the brilliant Seven Ghosts.

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Claire Fayers

Claire Fayers grew up in South Wales, studied English and Comparative Literature at the University of Kent in Canterbury, and is now back in Wales where she spends a lot of her free time tramping around castles in the rain, looking for dragons. She has worked as a church caretaker, a shoe shop assistant, in […]

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Damaris Young

My name is Damaris Young and I am the author of The Switching Hour and The Creature Keeper, which are both aimed at 9+ readers. I love writing edge-of-your-seat adventures that have an environmental message, with brave characters, strong friendships and extraordinary animals. I studied on the Writing for Young People MA at Bath Spa […]

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Elaine Wickson

Elaine* Wickson: My school reports said I was a bit of a daydreamer, but that’s because I was too busy thinking up stories about plashbabbles and horrabillies. Nowadays I like to think of myself as a professional daydreamer, and am often found in the Plotting Shed at the bottom of the garden, where all my […]

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Eve McDonnell

Eve McDonnell* is a children’s author and artist, living half way up a hill in Wexford, Ireland. With her hands already full with paintbrushes, twins, a stray cat and a dog, a mysterious fortune- teller once told her to pick up a pen and Write! Write! Write! She listened, and now, on the rare occasion […]

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Jennifer Killick

I have always loved reading and writing. Growing up, I kept a tower of books under my pillow for sneak-reading after lights out, and it became quite clear from a young age that putting words together in ways that made other people want to read them was basically the only thing I was any good […]

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Julie Pike

Julie* grew up on a council estate, nestled between the forests and foothills of the Welsh Valleys. She is passionate about adventure stories and volunteers in local schools and libraries, helping young readers find stories that excite them. She is passionate about real-life adventures too, and has crawled inside the pyramids of Egypt, crested Kilimanjaro […]

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Kate Wiseman

Kate* grew up in Oxford and was a late developer. She began writing when her son went to university, to stop herself trailing around pathetically and missing him. The idea for Blaggard’s School for Tomorrow’s Tyrants, also known as Gangster School, originated with her son, who used to tell people that when he grew up […]

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Ruth Morgan

Ruth Morgan was born in Carmarthen and grew up in Llandovery. She has written fiction, poetry and plays for children of all ages and scripts for animation and radio. She lives in Penarth, south Wales, in a family of enthusiastic gamers who also love real life adventures. Ruth is also an Additional Learning Needs Co-ordinator […]

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Sophie Anderson

Sophie Anderson grew up with stories in her blood, from her mother, who is a writer, to her Prussian grandmother, whose own storytelling inspired The House with Chicken Legs. Born in Swansea but now living in the Lake District with her family, Sophie loves walking, canoeing and daydreaming. Her dream is to create stories that help […]

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Steve Cole

Steve Cole* was chosen by Ian Fleming Publications to succeed Charlie Higson as the writer for Young Bond, a series that follows the explosive adventures of the teenage James Bond. His other bestselling titles include Z. Rex, Thieves Like Us, Doctor Who and Astrosaurs. In other careers, Steve has worked as an editor of books and magazines […]

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Susanna Bailey

Susanna Bailey: I grew up in a Northern town, close to purple moorland and long, silvery beaches. Books were my earliest friends. I often made up stories and brought them to life, with paper people on cardboard theatre stages. Through my previous career in social work, I shared in the real-life stories of many amazing […]

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