The VIP Programme

VIP Reading is a proven programme utilising beautifully made resources, by teacher Rob McCann and illustrated by Lincoln-based artist Andrew Bailie, to promote reading for pleasure and children’s independent reading. We launched VIP Reading in our school three years ago, with an initial view to inspiring and incentivising the more reluctant readers. We quickly realised the potential of the scheme and have been refining and expanding it ever since. Our data shows VIP vastly improves progress & attainment, especially for SEN and PP children.

How it works

The VIP Reading cycle is as follows:

– Children select a VIP book to read.
– Independently, they read the book (may involve an adult).
– A VIP Reading resource is completed by the child to prove that they have read the book.
– They are rewarded (top secret) for successfully reading the book. Enormous sense of achievement and desire to do it again.

Benefits of using VIP

Benefits of using VIP
– Affordable, (top secret) VIP resources prove when a child has actually read a book.
– Other lovely resources include user guide, display pack, bookmarks and certificates.
– 7 special book bands
– Engage with VIP-linked fab authors!
– 400 books and many added weekly.


VIP Reading is free to trial for 8 weeks, so simply send us a message to join in. We will send you a booklist to pick 30 books, which either your school own or can get from a bookseller.  In the resources, a presentation and user guide will help to launch VIP to your book club, class, year group or key stage (depending on the size of your trial).