School Testimonials

“VIP Reading is a great mix of carefully chosen, high quality modern and classic texts which instil a real love for reading. It allows children to become lost in a book and experience the true meaning of reading for pleasure. As well as this, VIP Reading encourages talk and discussion around books and authors, raising the profile of reading without it being forced.”

Hannah Ashton – Assistant Headteacher, Rotherham

“I am a 1:1 teaching assistant supporting a child with a full-time EHC with a severe hearing impairment who really struggled with reading comprehension. During our VIP Reading experience, he has excelled in this area rapidly using this scheme and now independently answers the VIP quizzes. His favourite books are the Horrid Henry series by Francesca Simon.”

Sharron Briggs – 1:1 Teaching Assistant, Lincoln

Author Testimonials

“The VIP Reading programme has been developed with great care and passion to promote enjoyment and love of reading.”

Sophie Anderson – Author of The House with Chicken Legs

“If you want to create a lifelong reader, you have to show them that reading can be a joyful experience. VIP Reading is aimed at doing exactly that.”

Jarrett Lerner – Author of the EngiNerds series

“Every reader is special at VIP Reading. Their goal – to promote a lifelong love of books – is wonderful, but what makes VIP Reading stand out is that they aim to do it in ways that are fab, friendly and funky. Enjoyment of books can’t be forced. With VIP Reading, it won’t be.”

Kate Wiseman – Author of the Gangster School series

“As a one-time HLTA I know how challenging it can be to inspire reluctant readers (in fact it’s how I came to write books in the first place). I’m delighted by the love and care put into this programme because reading SHOULD be fun. Children will be drawn to VIP Reading’s vibrant resources like honeybees to flowers.”

Claire Barker – Author of the Knitbone Pepper series and Picklewitch and Jack series

“As a pupil who struggled with dyslexia and reading at school I really know the value of discovering the right book at the right time, that magic book that opens up a world of reading. With programmes like VIP Reading, finding the right books for students gets even easier.”

Amber Lee Dodd – Author of We Are Giants and Lightning Chase Me Home.

“VIP Reading is a child-friendly programme helping to inspire children to reach their full reading potential.”

Victoria Williamson – Author of The Fox Girl and the White Gazelle

“Who doesn’t want to see children reading and loving it? Reaching for the next book as soon as they finish one or rushing to the bookshop or library? But we all know that sometimes they do just need a little boost to get them there, and VIP Reading is offering something very special to help teachers and school librarians to achieve this. What’s not to love about that!”

James Nicol – Author of The Apprentice Witch, A Witch Alone and A Witch Come True (7.3.19)